Looking for a job

How to find jobs

Did you know that only about 20% of jobs are advertised? And the other 80%? Well, they are in the hidden job market! Jobs are not advertised, not because employers are keeping the jobs a secret , but most employers find it quicker and cheaper to fill positions without advertising. So how do you tap into the hidden job market ? By networking and cold calling potential employers. But don't forget those advertised jobs as well!
  • Search online job sites. This is a really convenient way to find jobs because you can search for the job you are interested in quickly by using keywords. You can store your CV online so potential employers can find it. The site will also keep you informed when a job that you are interested in becomes available.

  • Read the newspapers for job vacancies.

  • Networking. Let your friends and relatives know that you are looking for a job. Teachers and lecturers are often helpful contacts when looking for a job. Remember to ask for their contact details and stay in touch with them. You can also let them know about jobs that you've heard about that may be suitable for someone else. (You want to help them as much as you'd like them to help you.)

  • Send letters or e-mails (with your CV) to companies enquiring about vacancies or training programs. They will admire your initiative. Companies don't always advertise their vacancies. It is surprising how many job vacancies are filled by people known to current employees or those who have sent them their CVs.

  • Visit businesses or companies directly. Small businesses like restaurants, supermarkets, small companies may accept your application directly. The customer service job sector often has a high staff turnover and you may find it easier to get a job here. Although this may not be the job you are looking for, you will get great experience. Companies like employees who have good customer skills. It is also a plus that you are willing to work.

  • Cold calling. Cold calling: Cold calling is to phone a potential employer that has not advertised a position and ask them for a job. While this is no easy task, it can yield great results. Click here for details