Looking for a job

Researching the company

Core company information

Here are points that one should research about the Company
  • What does this company do? (Products/services)
  • Where it is located
  • The company's history such as when was it created, who were the founders, in which country did it originate?
  • What is the company's mission statement
  • What are the working hours? (Would there be shift work involved/flexi hours)
  • Parent or subsidiary company information.
  • Who its main competitors are (How can you help the employer gain a competitive advantage?)
  • Is it a growing company?
  • What makes the company unique?
  • Does it engage in any social/environmental issues?
  • Biographical information on the CEO
  • Was there any relevant information about the company in the news recently.

Recruitment information

Find out:
  • what roles are available for graduates and what the scheme or job involves
  • what degree background and qualifications are required - minimum requirements
  • what general competences and specific skills are needed
  • what the recruitment process involves - type of application and stages
  • contact details for applying
  • the application deadline.

Company culture and general feelings

You need to:
  • find out about the company's core values and aims
  • think about how the company likes to see itself
  • consider how it is viewed externally
  • review any personnel policies
  • think about how you view the organisation
  • ask yourself why working for the employer appeals to you.